Visiting a Shinto shrine

An object of tradition that continues to be revered in harmony with the present. I follow traditional paths to achieve my goals, without being burdened by outdated beliefs. Tradition and modernity coexist.

Forging a Katana

A katana, forged to perfection, capable of enduring countless cuts. Only with extensive experience is it possible to create a katana. Even the choice of materials requires expertise.

Caring for a Bonsai

Achieving perfection without damaging the fundamental structure. A split-second adjustment that demands years of experience to yield sustainable results. Only with a holistic vision can a bonsai be optimally nurtured.

Being a Samurai

Walking the path honorably, openly, and honestly. Sacrificing for the greater good, even if it means personal losses.

Preparing Handmade Noodles

A seemingly simple task, executed well, quickly, and perfectly through years of experience. Knowledge passed down through generations. Uniqueness need not be prohibitively expensive, yet the difference is palpable.

Crafting a Star Bowl

Many have attempted it, but only a handful have succeeded. Countless failures led to an immense reservoir of experience, enabling the creation of such a perfect bowl. I hold the recipe for star-shaped bowls — consistent yet always unique.

Practicing Zen Meditation

Only a clear mind can create productively. Full concentration and years of experience allow us to achieve things that would take others much longer. I remain focused and purposeful, always centered.

Creating Calligraphy

Repetition upon repetition upon repetition. Each stroke executed with focus and precision. The journey itself is the destination.

Being a Shinobi

Special tasks call for drastic measures. A Shinobi moves silently among enemies, swiftly reaching their objective. I can discreetly and effectively support organizations.


Sustainable design.

Sustainable design involves creating solutions that minimize negative impacts on the environment, society, and climate. It’s about designing with a long-term perspective, considering the entire lifecycle of a product or tool.

Why It Matters

By integrating sustainability from the outset, we can reduce energy consumption, waste, and resource depletion. Sustainable design aims to create healthier, safer, and more comfortable spaces for people while minimizing harm to the planet.

Chris Plonski


No bullsh*t-bingo.

Why It Matters

In the world of design, “bullshit-bingo” refers to jargon-heavy, buzzword-laden language that often obscures rather than clarifies. Avoiding it means communicating clearly and authentically.

Clarity in communication fosters better understanding among stakeholders, leading to more effective collaboration and successful design outcomes.

AI is a tool.

Why It Matters

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that can enhance design processes. It’s not a magic solution but rather a means to augment human creativity and problem-solving.

Recognizing AI as a tool allows designers to leverage its capabilities while maintaining a human-centered approach. It’s about using AI wisely, not relying on it blindly.

Shortcuts, yes. Copycat, no no.

Why It Matters

Efficiency is essential, and shortcuts can save time. However, copying existing designs without critical thinking stifles creativity.

Embrace smart shortcuts, but always strive for originality. Understand context, adapt, and innovate rather than replicating what’s already out there.

Loving Japan.

Why It Matters

Personal passions and experiences shape our design sensibilities. Loving Japan (or any other culture) can inspire unique perspectives.

This is just an example, but: Authenticity matters. Infuse your designs with the things you love—they’ll resonate more with users and clients.


“Chris combines fresh ideas with an eye for detail. And his reliability makes every collaboration super successful.”

“Chris is an outstanding designer, who is regularly involved in the design and implementation of our projects. He has decisively helped our products, our website and our brand get a uniform, distinctive look. Our customers love the designs, and our conversion rates have increased significantly since the Webite relaunch.”

Dr. Felix Röllecke

“Working with Chris is always fun. Whether it is communicating with the developers or introducing new ideas into the design team.”

David Zerbe