The kick-off workshop aims to align all stakeholders, set project expectations, and foster enthusiasm. Agenda:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Project overview (goals, scope, and outcomes)
  • Key milestones and timelines
  • Q&A session

Outcome: A shared understanding and excitement for the project.



Remember, this process isn’t linear; it’s a dance between creativity and pragmatism. Each step influences the next, and sometimes you cha-cha back. Which parts does your product need?


Supporting the dev-team in the process, or creating own products as hi-fi prototypes.

The backstage hums with activity. Transforming designs into living, breathing interfaces. Iterations flow like water, refining the experience. Test, tweak, repeat. The codebase grows — a digital forest nurtured by collaboration.


The grand finale approaches. The curtain rises. Deploy your masterpiece into the wild. User testing — the applause meter. Bugs scurry like startled mice, and you chase them down. Peonkun supports you in the process.

Celebrate, learn, and iterate.



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